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Microgamings Atlantic City Blackjack, as the name suggests, follows the rules of the variant of the game that is played predominately in this gambling vacation resort. A lot of players prefer to play it as it is a Hole Card game, and you get to see at least one of the Dealers cards and, as he will always take a quick peak at his remaining card you soon know whether he has a Blackjack or not.

A quick glance at the layouts' printed rules state that the Dealer also must stand his hand on any 17, and again this liberal rule makes for a much better game, as he won't be hitting soft 17 hands and therefore won't be making any amazing recoveries.

Another great rule is that you may double down on any two cards and the game will also let you double down after a split, so in certain circumstances your one hand could end up as 4 separate hands, and as late surrender is also permitted you are playing against a very low house edge indeed. In fact the house edge on Microgamings Atlantic City Blackjack is just 0.365%

To help you get a much better understanding of this Blackjack variants rules of play take a look at the quick glance guide below, and enjoy your Atlantic City Blackjack action.

Atlantic City Blackjack Rules

* Microgamings Atlantic City Blackjack game is a Hole Card game.
* When the Dealer has an Ace or a Ten valued card showing he will check whether he has a Blackjack.
* Atlantic City Blackjack at Microgaming powered casinos uses 8 full decks of playing cards.
* When the Dealer has dealt himself either a Hard or Soft 17 then he will Stand his hand.
* You can Double Down on ANY two cards
* You may Double Down your hand after a Split.
* Splitting is permitted upto 3 times, so that's 4 hands in total.
* Aces can only be Split once though.
* One card only to Split Aces
* Splitting any Ace or 10 then getting a Ten or Ace respectively counts as 21 and not Blackjack
* Both alike Ten cards and Unalike Ten cards may also be Split
* Late Surrender is allow in Atlantic City Blackjack.

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