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What could be better when playing Blackjack than knowing what cards the Dealer is showing, well you will know just that if you decide to play Double Exposure Blackjack. The games rules dictate that the Dealers cards must always be dealt face-up, thus allowing you to know what exactly you are up against!

This means you should play this game of Blackjack with a completely different strategy than you would play any other variant, so it is vital you grab yourself a basic strategy card and learn it inside out before you play for real money.

We should point out that a Players Blackjack will only payout at odds of even money, so if you do get dealt one don't make the mistake of believing that the Dealer has short paid you! Many novice players make this mistake, but as you will always win a tied Blackjack hand with the Dealer this payout ratio is very good, and doesn't make the game any less appealing to play.

As you can see from our free to play game above the controls and navigation is very good, you can expect this sort of quality at Microgaming powered sites, as unlike their competitors they believe in giving players a fully rounded online Blackjack experience.

To help you master the basics of this game we have our Double Exposure quick glance guide to the rules below, take a few moments to study them as they will, over time, come in very handy.

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

* Double Exposure Blackjack uses 8 decks of playing cards.
* Both the Dealers cards are dealt face up.
* Dealer Hits a Soft 17
* Dealer wins all ties except a tied Blackjack.
* In the event of a tied Blackjack the Players hand will win.
* Players Blackjack pays Even Money (1-1).
* 9, 10 and 11 Players hands may be Double Downed.
* You can Double Down after a Split.
* Hand may be Split 3 times resulting in 4 hands being played.
* Aces cannot however be Re-Split
* Only one further card will be dealt to a Split Ace
* Unlike Ten cards may be Split.

You are going to want to play Double Exposure Blackjack more and more once you master the basics of the game, and one Microgaming site we are proud to showcase to you is below. They have been online for over a decade and that means they really do know what online Blackjack players want and demand, and they will always go that extra mile to ensure you have an enjoyable online experience.

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