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Free European Advanced Blackjack

There comes a time in every Blackjack players gaming life that they crave a more exciting and challenging game. Playing Blackjack for long periods of times is challenging enough but should you be feeling like you need a more stimulating game then European Advanced Blackjack may be the game for you.

But fear not you don't have to have the brains of Einstein to master this game, you will however need to get a good understanding of the strategy required to reduce the house edge to the absolute minimum.

Microgaming whose European Advanced Blackjack game can be played above for free offers players the best online game play for this variant, and you are invited to play for as long you wish too, in the hope you will get a much better feel for the game.

Whatever you do never be intimidated by the games rather "stand-offish" name, you will soon be playing it with ease and by following the rules of the game (which we have listed below) you will soon have mastered this brilliant Blackjack game.

As always we suggest you play for free over and over again until you are fully confident with how the game plays, and by doing so you will never put at risk your own funds, only do this once you know you are comfortable with the way this Blackjack game plays.

European Advanced Blackjack Rules

1. Free play European Advanced Blackjack is played with 2 regular decks of playing cards.
2. The Dealer Stands his hand on all 17's.
3. Alike Ten cards can be Split should you wish to Split them
4. Unalike Ten cards cannot however be Split.
5. A Blackjack is the strongest hand and cannot be beaten only matched.
6. Split Tens and Aces will be classed as a 21 and not a Blackjack.
7. Double Down any hand that has a value of 9, 10 or 11.
8. Insurance will cost you half of your initial stake.
9. If a Player and the Dealer get a Blackjack then this is a Push.
10. Available online in flash or download mode.
11. Blackjack pays 3-2
12. Insurance pays 2-1

If you wish to dip your toe into the water and play European Advanced Blackjack for real money then you should pick which casino you play at very carefully, as you will be demanding a fair and honest game at all times and you will want paying very quickly should you make a cashout.

The best test for any casino is the test of time and the casino featured below has over ten full years of online experience and they are famed for their excellent customer service and prompt, on time everytime payouts.

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