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The European Blackjack game above is the type that can be found at Microgaming powered casinos, it's the most popular game played throughout Europe, and as such should you ever be visiting any land based casino in this part of the world then you will almost definitely come across this game.

Europeans love a very low house edge and if you have ever played or seen their version of roulette then you will know that this statement is very true! The rules of European Blackjack mean that a skilful player who follows the correct basic strategy can expect a house edge of just 0.39%, which I'm sure you will agree is very low.

This variant of Blackjack does not permit any form if surrender, either late or early, but the rules are very easy to follow and play, and to help you get a basic understanding of them we have compiled a list of below.

You should get yourself a Blackjack strategy card to assist you with your game play, however should you be playing in the download version of the above game you will be interested to learn that you can set the game to play itself in autoplay mode and by doing so the game will follow the correct strategy at all times.

Take a good look at the rules pertaining to European Blackjack below and familiarize yourself with them, then feel free to play our free flash game above to your hearts content. Always try and get as much practise is as possible as by doing so you will vastly increase your knowledge of the game.

European Blackjack Rules

* European Blackjack is played with 2 regular decks of playing cards.
* In European Blackjack the Dealer will Stand on ALL 17's.
* It is a No Peek game.
* Therefore it is not a Hole Card game.
* You are allowed to Split your hand once.
* Splitting once means you are playing a maximum of two hands.
* You can have dealt multiple cards to Split Aces.
* Split Aces and Tens count as 21 and not a Blackjack hand.
* Alike Ten hands may be Split.
* Unalike Ten hands cannot be Split.
* Blackjack pays 3-2
* Insurance pays 2-1

If you are itching to play European Blackjack for real money then this is available in the gaming suite of our featured Microgaming powered online casino below.

By downloading their state of the art software you will be able to play the game with advanced graphics and sounds anytime you like, check them out they are one of the best.

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