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Free Spanish Blackjack

The aim of Spanish Blackjack is simply to get a better hand than the Dealers, but that description is a little bland as there is so much more to this excellent Blackjack variant than simply beating the Dealers hand.

The game above is Microgamings version and they have two different types that can be played from with-in their download casino package. They have a brand new "Gold Series" version that has enhanced sounds, graphics and navigation, and that version is remarkably life-like.

There are a rack of bonus payouts that can be awarded to you for obtaining certain hands, and you could get a 50-1 payout should you land a suited hand of three 7's when the dealer is also showing a 7, a 50-1 payout on a Blackjack game, hows that grab you!

These bonus payouts can be earned on many different hand combinations and you should study the below guide to the rules to discover the full range of them. You will need quite a while to master this game of Blackjack but once you do you will return to it time and time again.

Spanish Blackjack Rules

* Free play Spanish Blackjack is a Hole Card game.
* Spanish Blackjack pays out bonuses for getting certain hands.
* You get the bonuses based on your first cards dealt
* Spanish Blackjack Bonuses do not pay after Doubling Down.
* A 5 card 21 hand will payout a bonus of 3-2
* A 6 card 21 hand gets you a payout of 2-1.
* Get 7 or more cards in a 21 hand and you will be rewarded with a 3-1 payout.
* 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of a mixed suited hand pays 3-2.
* 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of a same suited hand payouts 2-1
* 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 of Spades pays 3-1
* If the Dealer has a 7 face up and you have 7-7-7 Suited you get paid 50-1
* The 50-1 Bonus doesn't pay if you have Split a hand.

If after playing our Spanish Blackjack game above you would like to experience it in real money mode then visit the website of our featured Blackjack site below, whose real money game plays exactly the same as the free play game above.

You can choose to play in your home currency and they also have some very good new player bonus offers currently available. You can also download their gaming suite and experience the Gold Series games mentioned above.

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